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Do you accept insurance?

At this time I do not accept any insurance plans.  I would be treated as an out of network provider for most insurance companies.  I recommend that patients contact their insurance companies prior to making an appointment to find out what their options are.  Most companies will cover some percentage of the visit.

Can an HSA be used to pay for treatments?  

YES!  I will provide a receipt that you can submit if needed.


Do I need a referral from a doctor?

Yes, you need a referral for your first visit and every 30 days thereafter.


How often to patients typically come?

Typically once a week, occasionally twice, but for a brief time period.


How long are treatment sessions?

Typically an hour.


How long to patient typically come?

This greatly varies, but most people will have 4-10 sessions.

What can I expect during my visit?

We will spend 5-10 minutes each session discussing your pain, activities, progress, etc.  We will then spend about 45 minutes with hands on manual therapy to address the whole body and everything that may be causing your pain.  The last few minutes we will discuss what exercises, stretches, or ergonomic changes may help your pain not return.  Getting to the root cause of why you are having your pain in the first place is my top priority.  



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