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What people are saying...



" Joanna is great and the work she has done with my back has helped so much.  I love that she spends an entire hour with me at each appointment, listening carefully to what 'hurts', working on the problem areas, and giving me the proper exercises and lifestyle changes that will help make sure this isn't a life-long reoccurring issue.  Even though my insurance didn't cover Joanna's service, I find the price to be very reasonable for the service I receive and I highly recommend Joanna"

          Valori, Centerville, VA



"Joanna is a talented therapist.  She is intuitive at understanding where pain and challenges are and then uses unique techniques to address them.  Her holistic approach, caring personality, and exceptional knowledge and skills are incredibly valuable in the health and wellness field."

           Shirah, Arlington, VA


"I don't have words that can recommend Joanna highly enough.  Over the past 10+ years I have spent thousands of dollars and countless hours on doctors, physical therapy, and massage therapy to address significant pain related to muscle tension.  Everything I tried from shots, to exercises, to medication, to various therapies offered temporary relief of symptoms but never reached the core issue.  The combination of Joanna's expertise, ability to listen and observe, and gentle and calm nature make her very effective at determining the core issues and successfully alleviating them.  I originally came to see Joanna for knee pain and weakness.  Traditional PT had done nothing to fix the problem.   During my first visit, Joanna was able to determine that the problem was not my knee, but that my hip was out of alignment!  With a few simple exercises she was able to show me how to effectively address the problem.  The relief and healing you will experience from Joanna's practice will make you wonder how you survived so long without her!"

           Ginnie, Alexandria, VA



"I was barely able to walk and unable to drive due to long standing physical symptoms from lifting weights and a serious fall.  Within 2 months of PT I was moving with manageable pain and greatly reduced medication.  Started driving again after 6 months.  I will always have pain and I see Joanna when needed.  Without Joanna I would need major surgery and at 75 I don't want 6-12 month recovery time and no guarantee of improvement."

            Steve, Vienna, VA

"Joanna has been part of our 'health and wellness' team for many years.  An extraordinarily skilled physical therapist and cranial sacral practitioner, Joanna brings a strong yet gentle, grounded presence to her healing work.  She is a gem!"

             Vernon and Bette, McLean, VA


"Joanna is someone I have known professionally and personally for more than a decade.  She not only has amazing manual skills, but brings all of who she is to each and every treatment.  She is deeply compassionate, loving, and has a great sense of humor.  Joanna has a commitment to healing and for every patient to walk away with a greater sense of health, well being, and joy for their lives.  As a manual therapist of more than 14 years, I can confidently say that there are few out there practicing that can rival her gift.  And it really is a gift, one that produces results in your body and spirit."

           Shannon Simmons, PT

          Owner of Integrated Wellness PT and Integrated Wellness Workshops

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